Dark Subconscious is a video game by Acelegin set in the Daniel-Verse. The game kicks off after phase one of the Daniel-Verse ends. Justin, and the other inhabitants of Daniel Ferris' subconscious, realize they can no longer communicate with him, so they decide to explore his soul with the hopes of figuring out what's wrong.

The download link can be found here, and there is now a Final Mix available here.


  • Justin Ferin: The protagonist, and an old friend of Daniel. He wields a scythe, and can use some of The Archangel's dark powers.
  • Carla: The party's healer. She wields staves and can use light elemental abilities.
  • Quan: A former Enhanced. Has high attack power, and equips various gloves to boost his power.
  • Algeria Touchshriek: An SMSC member. She wields guns, and has access to fire and ice attacks.
  • The Nameless One: A chess expert, who uses his strategic skills to boost defense. He fights with shields and chess pieces (somehow).
  • The Hound: An Oathbreaker, who can inflict and remove status effects. He wields greatswords and a katana.
  • Zeke: A violent fighter, who prioritizes speed over power. Fights with knives and handguns.


In-Game Screenshots



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