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Daniel Finnegan, Danny for short, is one of the six main protagonists of OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. He is fourteen, American, and not very much focused on in the story. He has his own logs of the apocalypse, which can be read here. His romantic interest was killed by The Ecclesiarchway, and he spends the duration of the apocalypse hunting for revenge.

He is referred to by the Fears as "Nicholas," and his weapon of choice is a tennis racket, though he is provided with a switchblade knife later on.


Danny is a bit of a loner, opting to be separate from the main protagonists when his drive for revenge is high. But when he's with the group, he tries his best to be helpful and supportive.


  • OGTRIB Act I
    • Fireworks - Fired at The Ecclesiarchway, first noted form of retaliation.
    • Tennis Racket - First noted form of melee weapon.
    • No appearances as of most recent log.
    • Information unavailable.


  • Jordan Dooling: Thinks of Jordan as an older brother (in a trilby). Sometimes thinks Jordan's over-reactions to things can be a bit too funny. Occasionally refers to him as Rael.
  • Donnie Rand: Hate. Can hardly stand to be around her for long periods of time. (Danny has a somewhat known hatred for redheads.)
  • The Ecclesiarchway: An even deeper hatred. Despises him for killing his lover. Has been tortured by him for many days, causing psychological damage to him.
  • Anna Rhodes: Dislikes being around her, for fear of getting his head ripped off and "shoved up [his] ass."

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