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DJay32 (Jordan Dooling) is a Fearblogger and has been with the Fear Mythos since around the time of its conception. He's twenty-two and British and he writes prolifically!

List of notable works

The finished stuff

(in order of completion):

The unfinished stuff

(in order of starting):

Other blogs (OOG and otherwise)



Other notable contributions

DJay created EAT, helped create The Grotesque and the flesh spiders of The Blind Man, and.. well, pretty much everything in Rapture is a notable contribution. He is also an avid developer of The Deep and takes responsibility for its creation in the first place.

He has written several Fear-based creepypasta for Faces, Strange and Secret as well, including "The Package," "Wet Dreams," "The Odd Patient," "The Thing Where My Eyes Used to Be," "William Wright," "Waking Up," both versions of "Wish," "Insanity Door," "The Day the Door Froze," "Teenage Gluttony", "Everything the Same", "The Ballerinas of Versiansa", "Death's Beacon", and "In Bloom We Grow".

There's also some short stories which aren't necessarily horror but play on Fear Mythos concepts: "Passion of the Parish", which develops the Rapture world a little; "The Duel of Shaman Kullermes and Migrant O-Thorde", which mythologizes an episode from Fear history , "Self-Infected Intent" , which fictionalizes the idea of writing a Fearblog and making an article for one, "This House of Spiders and Mold" , which attempts to convey a post-flashback experience, and "Hell's Kitchen," which shows us later developments in Topography Genera in order to explore states of mind.

He started The Fear Blogger, co-created Archangard and Magreat, and he started and wrote most of the second series bible and wrote the manifesto.

Writing style

When DJay writes, he writes, often to the point of several-thousand-word updates. His work is inspired by song lyrics and mimetic drama; he tries to write poetically and in such a way that the poetics sound necessary. Analyses are also a sort of specialty of his, and he loves keeping things as organized as possible.

His earlier stories tended to focus on the protagonist rather than the Fear, though over the years DJay has started to experiment with developing Fears as characters themselves. Recently, his works have developed a sharp focus on metafiction.

The longer he writes, the more bleak and depressing he wants his stories to become.

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