Dante Niccals

(aka. D)

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Rivesville, West Virginia. (previously Barrow, Alaska)

D (Dante Niccals) is one of the main characters of the ARG The Crucible. He initially referred to himself as an observer with the intent of documenting the events surrounding game, but he started to take on a more active role as time went on. Dante is extremely mistrustful of CRUX and refers to him as a "demon". He has said that he fears the players of the game because of CRUX's corrupting influence on them.


Prior to the Crucible, Dante was a foot soldier in the U.S. army for seven years. He was discharged for a shoulder injury in 2006 and met his future wife, Rebecca, not long after. He worked off and on as a handy man after, but began investigating paranormal events as a hobby. Dante was recruited to CPIRA by his cousin, Coal, and took up the moniker Operative_1012. He specializes in incidents pertaining to mystery.

Four months after Dante joined CPIRA, he and Rebecca began to experience regular encounters with a creature assumed to be The Rake, waking to numerous scratches and sounds of movement from other rooms. The attacks seemed to stop a month before CRUX's invitations were sent until they resumed not long after the practice challenges began. Dante decided it'd be best to send his wife to her parent's would be the best idea, for her protection. While she was away, he encountered another strange, human-like creature referred to as the Window Creature. Initially, the creature merely observed him and latched onto his window, but after an unidentified trespasser uploaded a video of Dante's house while he was in the shower, it began to crack the window in an attempt to get inside. He managed to stop it by taping up the window.

Dante then decided to move to the town he lived in for seven years as a child. He mentioned a strange dream in which he encountered several creatures fitting the descriptions of the Slender Man, the Rake, and EAT, as well as an unidentified figure wearing a maroon hood. Not long after moving, his wife went missing. He eventually received a call from her, which revealed that she was cheating on him and was never missing.


  • Name: Dante Niccals
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: 11/1/1981
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Rivesville, West Virginia. (previously Barrow, Alaska)
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ex-Spouse: Rebecca (married for 5 years)
  • Has military experience (Army)


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