Drawn by PyroGothNerd

A Cyclopus (plural: Cyclopi) is an extension of Mister Oculus that occurs as a result of Oculi Liquorem, the blood of Mister Oculus, touching another being.

The effects of Oculi Liquorem are permanent to humans unless Mister Oculus wishes it otherwise, and temporary on other beings such as the Fears. Mister Oculus rarely uses it, and it was introduced when Mister Oculus was forced to use it while he was possessed by Transgression in New Fears are coming.


Cyclopi appear to do nothing but stand around watching what is going on around them, making their usefulness questionable (unless an enemy is turned into a cyclopus, which would make the enemy harmless) which may contribute to the fact Mister Oculus rarely creates them. On top of that, they would not be able to blend in with humans to be silent observers, since the giant eyes on their face would raise questions and draw attention.

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