Cooking with Richard Clay is a cooking show in the vein of various Food Network programs broadcasted by Tower TV and hosted by Richard Clay, a cannibalistic servant of The Rake. Unlike numerous other cooking shows, Richard does not show viewers how to prepare food that would be eaten in their homes or at a restaurant. Instead the cuisine he makes is made from animals that should be extinct, animals from distant planets that haven't been discovered yet, or animals that ordinary people believe to be fictional, like vampires and dragons.

Once he is done cooking the episode's dish, Richard will serve it to his "guest stars" and force them to eat it. These people are commonly seen wearing blindfolds and always show disgust while eating. Very few guests return to the show, and it is not known what becomes of them afterwards. In the rare instances where one of the guests refuses to eat, Richard will become enraged and scream at them until they give in to his demands. Should they continue to resist him, the broadcast will be interrupted and the show will cut to black or a commercial break. When the show comes back on, Richard will return to his calm demeanor and the person that refused to eat will be gone, replaced by a new guest that has never been seen before. The fate of the people who disobey Richard's commands is unknown, though it isn't too much of a stretch to presume that he kills and/or eats them off-screen.

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