Continuity Glue is the first blog in the Continuity Verse by The Nameless One. It follows the protagonist as he encounters Nightlanders and other Fears, which begins to drive him deeper into insanity. It can be read here.

Plot Summary

The protagonist (later learned to be named Christopher) starts being plagued by the Nightlanders, or Shadow People as he first calls them. They hijack his blog a couple of times, leaving cryptic messages, surrounded by the numbers 2 and 5. Eventually, on March 25 it becomes clear they were a warning about the Empty City coming. He is tempted to go in, but the Nightlanders stop him.

Around this time, his OCD and intrusive thoughts are causing such strong anxiety that he feels he has to quit his job at a bookstore. Shortly thereafter, he learns his sister has been murdered--her throat was slashed by a boxcutter, just like one of his intrusive thoughts. He becomes afraid that he might have done it.

Fears in This Blog (Spoilers)

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