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Taken from Official Facebook

Christopher Verlassen is one of the main characters of The Undecided Five. While growing up, Chris never really had friends. The other four are his only true friends and he will do anything to keep them. He's very submissive and walks on eggshells around everyone. He does this because he is very afraid of losing the friends he has now.

Chris was the shy character and he is normally in the background, around Skye.

His only outburst is in 11- Hunt Part Two, when calling Alex stupid at the end of the video.

Chris' corpse is discovered by Alex, Skye, and Cam in 14- Regrets. In 15- Lost and Disbelief it is revealed that that "Giggles" killed him and hide his body.

In ha ha, Giggles seems to be wearing his scarf, which looks identical to Edward's, for she has returned Edward's to him.

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