Cham is a Dying Man shard that was created when a Dying Man piece from B-Movie Monsters transferred himself across the internet. He is extremely weak because of this, to the point where his host, Proxiehunter, was able to keep him in check through sheer willpower. He is so terrified of Proxiehunter that he no longer tries to posses his body or questions his orders out of fear of being subjected to "Happy Fun Time". This punishment involves using lucid dreaming to recreate the death of the Proxy who killed Proxiehunter's wife and placing Cham inside his body, essentially forcing him to experience every moment of pain Proxiehunter put said Proxy through.


  • Proxiehunter renamed him Bob because he refuses to refer to Cham by his proper name.
  • Cham claims to be a former resident of an alternate universe where Jcarlson never saved Janice Jasinski from The Wooden Girl because Omega wasn't there to save him from the bell ringer who attacked him.

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