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Candle Cove is a children's television show, originally described here in a creepypasta by Kris Straub.

Within the Fear MythosEdit

In some stories, Candle Cove is known to air on Tower TV. All the puppets are Servants of the Wooden Girl, and every so often a new "Janice" must be found (a task usually given to the Skin-Taker and Pirate Percy).

Candle Cove was originally referenced in the Fear Mythos during the Puppet's Game in the obituary of Ruggiero Magro. The obituary stated that he had created Il Ballo di Fortuna and it's American counterpart The Dance of Fortune, comparing it to other shows such as Latibaer and Kerzebucht, German for "Candle Bay." This implies that there was a German version of the show as well.

Rick from A Tangled Web watched the show as a child. He is reminded of the show after obtaining a Skin-Taker puppet, and watches a few episodes online.

Jcarlson (in To Light A Candle) started watching the show, remembering it from his childhood. The current episodes were about how "Janice" was missing and Pirate Percy had to ask the "Lords and Ladies of the Realm" where she is. Eventually, Percy is taken to find another Janice, who is one of the students in Jcarlson's class.

Evan Marsden from "The Land of Make Believe" was an avid watcher of the show until his brother was killed on a Candle Cove amusement park ride by the Skin-Taker. He would eventually encounter the rest of the cast in the I Am Not Insane when the Wooden Girl brought him to The Screaming Tower.




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