CHANGE is a portrayal of The Fear of the Irrational as seen in The Godless World.


Often considered the embodiment of alteration and modification, CHANGE created the entire multiverse at the beginning of time, giving form to what had once been nothing. From the other parts of reality, the FACTS, came into existence to fill their roles. Over time it gained sentience, unlike the rest of its siblings, and began to modify the laws of nature it once upheld, allowing creatures that could alter time and space to exist in the universe. The other FACTS lashed out on their older brother after discovering its treachery, severely weakening CHANGE as a result. In its desperation it fled across space, using its new abilities to conceal its presence from the others. Finding a new residence on Earth, CHANGE found The Fears, and joined their kind, still hidden from the FACTS.

Centuries later, CHANGE, now identified as The Glitch, was betrayed once again by its new allies, who feared that it would use its god-like abilities to exterminate them. There was nowhere to run to this time however, as CHANGE was quickly imprisoned and was ultimately destroyed by the SMSC as a result of its weakened state. Without CHANGE, nothing was powerful enough to perpetuate reality with the massive alterations made by other cosmic entities and the annihilation of the universe was unavoidable, regardless of how slowly it took to occur. Realizing the threat, the FACTS retracted their influence over the rest of the universe and began to focus almost exclusively on Earth's solar system. Unfortunately, even they were incapable of solving the situation in its entirety.

Despite its death, many of CHANGE's devout worshipers believe it still exists somewhere in the vast cosmos and that it engineered the apocalypse so it could create a new universe unopposed. Some have even suggested that it is still on Earth, disguising itself as minor monsters or humans under multiple avatars. The true purpose of these avatars is unknown, though they could be taking steps to bring about the destruction of reality faster or are simply watching events unfold as curious spectators. Characters suspected of being avatars of CHANGE within the Godless World canon include The Vale of The Crusaders and Minister Infernal.

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