Fear Of...





Stone Slabs

First Appearance

The Match of The Millennium!

Brickathor is the Fear of building, widely regarded as the most terrifying abomination ever conceived. It targets people who are constructing buildings. He looks like a humanoid made of red bricks, oozing cement as he walks around. He only has one eye which is one big pupil. He is always fairly moody and refuses to talk to humans; it loves building things though, and will help people do so. Once the process is finished, it'll have a piece missing!

It has the power to command bricks to do its bidding, this could be building blocks used by children or industrial bricks. It also has the power to make people start building. He does this because he doesn't have anything better to do.

Its servants are the Stone Slabs, they're humans that carry stone slabs with them everywhere they go. It also controls LEGO figurines.

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