Boyd Walker is a former hitman and the author of The Foul Rag and Bone Shop.


Initially sent after a criminal who was supposedly approached by the FBI and prepared to provide testimony against one of his employers, Boyd's life took an unexpected turn as a mysterious woman murdered his target in front of his eyes. Attempting to distance himself from the experience, Boyd finds himself being continually stalked by the mysterious woman. His inquiries into the subject leads him to Professor Hamilton, a Greek mythology expert whom herself is being threatened by the Mother of Snakes. Having acquired some knowledge on his foe, Boyd goes on to temporarily hide at a motel, only to be lured into a trap by an Archangel servant by the name of Madam Morrigan. Scarcely escaping with his life, Boyd enters the Garden of Desolation with the help of her clue, eventually confronting the Mother herself and shooting her before escaping through the mirror he used to enter. Bleeding and with the Mother after him, Boyd decides to turn himself in to the FBI and writes his last confessions on the blog as he lies on a hospital bed, while a Lilim watches from behind a nearby mirror.

He was later brought back into the Mother of Snakes domain in the blog In the Garden of Desolation, where he met April Chase after she saved him from a large reptilian creature hunting him. The two of them decided to help one another but April eventually killed Boyd when she suspected that he planned to murder and eat her.


Boyd takes pride in apparently never killing women, children and innocents. He also appears to be fond of the poems of William Butler Yeats, which his mother apparently used to read to him.

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