Boxle by cutewithoutthe-d5q8sfo
Boxle, drawn by CuteWithoutThe

Fear Of...



The Warehouses of Chaos



First Appearance

Night Shift

Boxle is a Fear that represents the fear of boxes that people have. Imagine a cardboard box sitting in front of you... what is in it? Who put it there? Why is it made of cardboard? You don't know, and just like that, you are terrified.

It can assimilate more boxes onto itself, and by boxes this means any hollow cube or cuboid structures that can open up. It generally will assimilate cardboard boxes because they are lighter and easier for it to obtain. As for gender, Boxle is both.

Should it become apparent that you are afraid of boxes, it'll begin to follow you around. You'll keep seeing boxes everywhere you go, and soon you'll begin to wake up with a box on your head. When you look away from these boxes you'll see them move about at the corner of your eye. Eventually, when your mind has broken and you have gone insane, Boxle will appear and begin to throw boxes at you until you die. It will then precede to recycle your dead body into more boxes. It is a fate worse than death.

Its servants are called the Recyclers and they serve Boxle as if it was a father/mother to them. They have the powers of super box throwing and can travel by going through the pathway called The Warehouses of Chaos. 

Boxle's arch-enemy is Brickathor.


Among Boxle's amazing powers include:

  • The power to summon cardboard boxes. It can only summon CARDBOARD boxes, materials like plastic and metal takes too much magic for it.
  • The ability to turn dead bodies into boxes of any materials. This is how it obtains rare box materials.
  • The power to bring boxes to life. They don't do much, they can only really slide about, plus they can't see so they'll mostly just bump into walls.
  • Super box throwing powers.
  • The power to make someone become obsessed with boxes, this obsession will make people start hoarding them. This is where those warehouses full of boxes come from.

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