Bonum house

Mister Oculus's house as seen in the animated title sequence.

Bonum is the fictional town that the television show Mister Oculus takes place in.


Bonum is a colorful small town set in a grassy plain, as evidenced by the ground being mostly flat, except for a few small hills. It is filled with a neat little houses and trees in hedge-like shapes. The sidewalks are blue, and the roads are yellow. The houses each have two very large round windows, with shutters that open and close like eyelids.

Mister Oculus's house is large and red, while his neighbors houses are cool colors like blue, green and purple, and are half the size of Mister Oculus's house.

There is also a candy shop, a town hall, a farm, a jail house, a school, and a park.

The denizens of the town are friendly, (with the exception of the show's antagonists, Dan Devilish and Nelly the witch) and the town seems to be increasing in population, as many episodes are dedicated to people moving in to town.


  • "Bonum" is Latin for "good".

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