A blogpasta, also called a short story blog, is a variation of a Fear or Slenderblog. Notably, it's shorter and tends to tell a complete stand-alone story. Blogpastas normally tend to be five to twenty-five posts long and can be read in under an hour.

12 Letters Multiple
The Abominable Act Jack of All Aftermath of the Amalgam Saga
All Roses Wilt Mercygivers Part of the Danielverse.
alliteratorical The Plague Doctor
And When the Sky Was Opened The Quiet
Anger Management The Brute
Audible Mist The Choir Part of the Cloudverse
Bacon & Garlic The Smiling Man
Benefits The Brute, The Burning Bride
Breaking The Waves The Convocation
I Can Imagine How I Feel The Manufactured Newborn, The Plague Doctor
I Can't Escape The Intrusion
Chain Mail The Brute
Chain of Command The Lord of Chains
Call The Schoolmaster Multiple In The Shuffling Madness, Part of the Madverse
The Casey Diaries The Unnamed Child, The Slender Man Open arms and Closed Eyes
Cats pouncing on sleeping owls EAT Part of The Cloudverse
The Center of the World The Empty City
Clawing at the Mind The Rake
The Clock Strikes Twelve The Dying Man
Cobbled Together The Manufactured Newborn
Confessions of an Apopheniac The Unnamed Child
Confidential Confessional The Eye, The Black Dog
Convention of the 24 Multiple Part of the Four Roses verse.
The Cootie Monster The Red Cap
The Darkling Thrush The Convocation
Debasing the Beef Canoe The Wooden Girl The Puppet's Game
Echoes of Eternity The Archangel, The Architect The Architect Verse
The End of Sorrow Lies The Grotesque
Facts About DOORS The Empty City
Fading stars The Quiet
Fit The Crime The Eye
Follow the Yellow Brick Road The Cold Boy
The Foul Rag and Bone Shop The Mother of Snakes In the Garden of Desolation
Graham, Positive The Plague Doctor
Harlequin Metropolis The Grotesque
I Am Her Slave The Wooden Girl
Images The Woman in the Wind
In the Garden of Desolation The Mother of Snakes The Foul Rag and Bone Shop
Is that the sweet sound of death I hear? The Dying Man Part of the Seeing World
Journal of the days after EAT
Journal's Journal The Grotesque

The Answer to Blogs, Rapture & Everything

Just Unlucky Multiple Part of the Seeing World
Love Lies Bleeding The Smiling Man, The Red Cap
Magic is Afoot Jack of All
Memories of a Time Beyond The Choir
Meteorologica The Vision, The Slender Man Part of the Seeing World
MONARCH Proxy Mariana
Movements of a Visionary The Grotesque
The Neon Gospel The Dying Man
Night Class The Nightlanders
I Am Not Insane The Wooden Girl Part of the Continuity Glue-verse
Nowherever The Rake
The Old The Blind Man Part of the Seeing World
Out of the Spent and Unconsidered Earth The Empty City
Over the River The Wooden Girl, The Cold Boy
Perchance to Dream The Rake
Pictures of Clouds The Slender Man
A Place for My Head The Unnamed Child
Pursuing Penelope The Mother of Snakes, The Rake
Redirecting a Volcano The Blind Man
Residency The Plague Doctor
The Ripeness is All The Cold Boy
ruin the sky The Convocation
Shelly Loves Succulents The Intrusion
Simulated Clouds The Slender Man Part of the Cloudverse
The Skull And The Tower The Manufactured Newborn
This Could Be Heaven The Empty City
Timor Biblotheca Multiple
Time is Dead and Gone The Blind Man
Twelve Days Multiple
What's Your Name? The Unnamed Child
Works and Days The Last Gift
The Writerer Chronicles Multiple The Writerer Chronicles 2: Electric Boogaloo
WRR-85 The Dying Man
You Can't Fall From Grace Without at Least Spraining an Ankle The Black Dog

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