Azail, The Enabler is an inhabitant of Bloody Hell and one of the ten Daemon Lords. He is said to be have no underlings, setting him apart from the other Lords. He is a very good blacksmith, who can craft weapons that cleave through steel effortlessly. He was given his title because of his passive nature; he could easily stop a lot of his world's violence, but chooses not to. He is an exceptionally powerful being, who can break through seemingly any seal meant to restrain his power.


Azail has a tan complexion. His hair is short and messy in the back, and his bangs are grown out to frame his face. He has a large mouth, and small, pointed ears. He dresses in loose fitting clothing, and wears a long cloak. He has four clawed fingers on his hands, and his bare feet are heavily scarred. His eyes have slit pupil, which switch from being vertical to horizontal and vice-versa every time he blinks. It's unknown if this is his true form.


  • Azail appears in Dark Subconscious as one of the shopkeepers in Bloody Hell.
  • He claims to have trained the legendary Japanese swordsmith Masamune.

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