Avatars are a portrayal of the Fear of the Unknown seen in Horsemen.

Several years ago, a cult organization performed experiments that seemed to involve fusing Avatars and humans together. Not much is known about these experiments, except that they destroyed the human's pupils.

Known Avatars

  • Kestrel: An Avatar bound to Kaiser through a cult experiment. They take the form of a large black bird and tend to shift into bird-themed forms in order to aid Kaiser in battle. The two of them can fuse together temporarily, entering a form called Kestrel Feather Storm. In this form, Kaiser sports black wings, bird-shaped pupils, and can generate razor sharp feathers.
  • Anubis: An Avatar bound to Bill Dawson. Their bond is stronger than Kestrel and Kaiser's, resulting in Bill and Anubis sharing a body. However, Anubis can extend itself into the form of a large sword or jackal heads.

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