The Screaming Void

Fear Of:






First Appearance

In The Shuffling Madness

Aqualung is a portrayal of the Fear of Memory and Nothing featured in the blog In The Shuffling Madness. It is primarily concerned with the destruction of information and memory. It is absolute nothingness incarnate and whatever it unmakes is so thoroughly erased that it may as well have never existed. Its physical form, as much as it can be said to have one, is that of a weather-beaten, hunched, haggard and grime-covered man with pitch-black holes where his eyes and mouth should be.

Its domain and followers, as well as its agenda and other capabilities, are unknown. It has, however, been described as being something that even the Fears consider to be entirely alien, and is anathema to existence itself. It is described as the end of all things, and is the enemy of all the other Fears.

Aqualung was also responsible for the transformation of Locomotive Breath into Indisen.


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