Anna bust nightmare

As drawn by Logic

Annabelle Rhodes (Anna) is one of the six main protagonists of OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. She is normally referred to by the Fears as "Camilla" and she fights with crowbars. She is thirteen and American.

By the time she was found by the protagonists, she was considerably less sane than the rest of them, as the Fears had taken to torturing her extensively in the apocalyptic months. She's generally unstable, afraid of the world around her and desperate to find some form of refuge in her friends, though her actions are frequently misunderstood. Tiresias gave her the title of "Forsaken" in an attempt to keep the Fears from doing further damage, but as of Act III, The Beast bribed Tiresias to remove the title. Halfway through Act III, she succumbs to the stresses of the apocalypse and kills herself, her body becoming the new vessel of The Omen in Act IV and following the protagonists around, exacerbating their senses of guilt.


  • Jordan Dooling: Anna generally acts in a dominant, possessive manner towards Jordan, seeing him as someone to confide in when her thoughts turn to suicide.
  • Donnie Rand: Anna despises Donnie at first but grows warmer towards her as their interactions increase.
  • Fentzy: Anna is very friendly towards Fentzy.
  • Tiresias: Anna views Tiresias as a sort of guardian angel, and when she loses track of his whereabouts, she grieves considerably.