"Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none"

Anna Glory (commonly known as Aura) is 20 years old and was one of the four children targeted for Project Destiny.

She resides in the second Eden Facilities and is the owner of the blog Memories of The Heart.

After the incident that occured on the Millennium, her and her friends were taken to the Eden Facilities.

Anna has only recently learnt her true name, as she has just become aware of the full scale of Project Destiny and The Overseer's true allegiances. She had chosen her display name of Aura as a reference to Aura of the .hack games.

Aura tends to try to act as nice to as many as possible, wishing all, but the serial killers of each side, the best praying for their safety. She is kind to a fault. The only hatred she truly seems to show is towards The Convocation as she feels it pollutes the sky.

Like Adam, she has her own psychological quirk. Hers seems to be that her mental defences are down, letting others get into her head easier, because of this she occasionally shows advanced empathy towards others. This is probably deeply connected to the kindness she keeps trying to show to others.

It has been implied that the mysterious being known as Le Fay is her mother.

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