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And When the Sky Was Opened was a very short blog by alliterator about the Quiet. It can be read here.


The unnamed main character (listed as "Forget-Me-Not") starts telling about how after they finish writing, they will disappear and be forgotton. Then they begin their story:

It starts when their coworker disappears on Friday and no one notices. No one even remembers the narrator's coworker. The narrator begins to notice other people disappearing, but no one remembers them. At work, over half the employees no longer exist.

The narrator goes home to find his dad, but his mother no longer exists. Struck by the paradox, he wonders how that can be, but then his dad ceases to exist as well. As he travels back to his apartment, more and more people, then places and things start disappearing.

Finally, the narrator is left in the middle of a field of grass. Everything that was around him no longer exists. He looks up and watches the night sky vanish and then disappears in the middle of writing a sentence.

Then another narrator tells how they found this journal on the ground and decided to post the entries on a blog. They went to check on a typo, however, but found that the journal was no longer where they left it. It had disappeared.


  • The title of the blog (and the titles of each post) comes from The Twilight Zone. The episode "And When the Sky Was Opened" was about three astronauts who, when they return to Earth, begin disappearing and nobody remembers them.