Sunnsetters Ancestors cover

Album cover by DJay32

Ancestor is a midi concept album by DJay32 and Eric Taylor, released on February 22nd, 2016 for free listening on YouTube. The album is presented as an EP by the fictional underground progressive rock band Sunsetters, and its songs are all based on The Fears from the Nine is God canon. The music, written in MuseScore, attempts to emulate the sound of real instruments. There are no vocals. The album can be heard here.

A remastered and edited version was included in the Mythology of Empathy remaster as a single 30-minute track.


At some point in 2013, Remy Larson (the rhythm guitarist for Sunsetters) is found dead. Deep cuts in his neck and forearms lead officials to rule his death a suicide. In his attic are found several pages of guitar sheet music, a painting, and unfinished notes on a planned musical concept based on Chinese mythology. In homage to him, the remaining Sunsetters release an EP based on his writings, naming it after his painting.

For the remaster, the background is slightly changed: Remy's death happens sometime in the 2000s, the individual parts of "Ancestor" having been written sometime around the writing of The Mythology of Empathy. The band decides to resurrect the song after his death, as tribute.



A short ambient intro based around the melody from James Joyce's "The Ballad of Persse O'Reilly."

"The White Draught"

A lonely piece for guitar, taken directly from Larson's sheet music.

"South of the Fog"

A slow doom metal song, written entirely for guitar but transposed to other instruments and expanded upon by Sunsetters.

"Deep Cuts"

A complex, climactic, and chaotic metal song, taken from various fragments written by Larson and compiled into a full-band jam by Sunsetters.

"Nein, Ich Bereue"

An ethereal ambient outro.


The remaster has the same general breakdown of structure, though Earworm is no longer ambient and has a full-band accompaniment, South of the Fog has additional guitar parts (including multiple solos), Deep Cuts is even more chaotic, and Nein is a 20-second reprise with a sweeping guitar solo.

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