Aladdin Sane is an SMSC agent from brighter than a spoon. His partner was Liza Jane (now partnered with Lady Grinning Soul) and his codename is derived from the David Bowie song "Aladdin Sane". Not much is revealed about Aladdin Sane, though he does tell Tav why he joined the SMSC. He was a narcotics agent in the FBI when he found footage of the Plague Doctor. He said that looking at him (even just footage of him) made him want to scrub his hands till they bled. He appears later in Snowball in Hell where he gives advice to "Doctor Worm", telling him to talk to a former Runner called Houdin.

An alternate version of Aladdin Sane was met by Tav in a world that was destroyed by the Quiet. This alternate version apparently survived the cessation of his universe and is now being kept by the Archive.

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