Akuma is an alternate version of The Bloody Biker and a portrayal of The Fear of Anger seen in the blog Horsemen. Unlike the Bloody Biker, Akuma is considered a Fear in the Horsemen universe and represents the Fear of Rivalry. He will do whatever it takes to kill anyone that is considered to be more powerful than him.

He was once the rival of Dragon Slayer Jack until he finally managed to kill him in The Cliffs of Suffering in Netherworld five years ago. However, years later, Dragon Slayer Jack somehow came back to life or faked his death and has began thwarting all of Akuma's attempts at killing the children of the Horsemen.

Akuma rides a motorcycle which can be melted and reformed into any weapon he wants. Like the Bloody Biker he wears a blindfold, and is often seen wearing satanic symbols.


Satanic Seals

Akuma has displayed the ability to summon Satanic Seals with various effects. The Seals used so far include:

  • Satanic Seal 1 - Fireball: Fires a huge destructive fireball.
  • Satanic Seal 2 - Lightning Bolt: Fires a bolt of red lighting.
  • Satanic Seal 4 - Cataclysm: An area attack that can bring a house down.
  • Satanic Seal 5 - Rain Of Fire: Causes fireballs to fall from the sky.
  • Satanic Seal 8 - Second Summoning: Summons a goat-bat.
  • Satanic Seal 9 - Third Summoning: Summons a giant porcupine snake.
  • Satanic Seal 12 - Transit: A method of teleportation.
  • Satanic Seal 14 - Barrier: Projects a barrier in the shape of a satanic seal.
  • Satanic Seal 19 - The Final Summoning: Summons a massive dragon.

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