Agnes Day is a character from the blog brighter than a spoon.

Agnes meets and befriends Tav Lowe when she spots the fact that he's a Receiver. She said that she knew a Receiver from before who lived in Texas, but the girl killed herself to stop the hallucinations.

Agnes later claims that she first saw the Slender Man "four and half years ago" (sometime around 2006), started running "three years ago" (2008), and saw the Cold Boy two years ago (2009). She saw the Cold Boy when she was working at a bookstore in Oregon and started running from him.

Agnes is the sister of SMSC Agent Liza Jane. Agnes claims that people, when they encounter the Slender Man (or another Fear) either become "runners, rebels, or radicals." She became a runner, while her sister was the rebel. Anges also has a dog named Opus that she entrusted Aladdin Sane to watch over.


  • Her name is a pun on the Latin phrase "Agnus Dei," meaning "Lamb of God."

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