Agent Low is a member of SMSC with a propensity for disregarding standard SMSC procedure when it interferes with where he thinks his investigation should go. His codename is derived from the David Bowie album "Low".


Agent Low first appeared in the creepypasta The Hive, where he and Agent Major Tom investigated a string of disappearances in Holton, Michigan involving The Intrusion. About halfway through their investigation, Low went against SMSC policy by abandoning his partner so he could survey a local forest for possible clues on his own. This course of action proved to be disastrous when he accidently fell into a hidden entrance to an Intrusion Hive. He was fortunately able to avoid being attacked for awhile due to the insect repellant he brought, which allowed him to find the kidnapped townspeople, all of whom had already been transformed into Drones. While searching for an exit Low realized his can of repellant was damaged, leaving him a few minutes before the spray wore off.

Low was eventually able to find an exit that didn't lead to one of the other Fears' domains, but not before a small horde of insects surrounded him. However, he was able to ward off the Intrusion insects before he received any life threatening injuries by shooting them with his emergency flares. He resurfaced in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky three hours later and contacted the SMSC branch located there. Shortly after his debriefing it became apparent that Low developed a severe phobia of insects from his time in the Hive. During his time in the hospital he kept scratching himself until he bleed in a vain attempt to get non-existent bugs out from under his skin and would scream whenever he saw or heard an insect too close to him. It was only through six months of intensive therapy and medication that his fear of bugs was brought down to a severe but manageable phobia.


  • Despite the similarity in names Agent Low is not Tav Lowe or related to him in any way and he is tired of Runners asking him where Agnes Day is.

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