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ARC's logo. The eye is a mockery of The Eyes of God, with whom they often conflict; the sword symbolizes ARC West's role in combating anomalies; and the shield shape is emblematic of their goal of protecting humanity.

ARC (Anomaly Research and Combat) is an anti-Fear para-government organization. It was created by YpsiFang for the Nomadic Verse. ARC has a YouTube channel, which can be found here, and a corresponding blog. The ARC organization tries to contain whatever anomalies (such as The Fears and Unexplained Phenomena) it can and feels it should. The rest, it attempts to keep from harming innocents.

ARC's two divisions- West and East- each have a specific role to aid in ARC's goals. West deals with combat. East focuses more on research.


ARC has a blog here. It acts as an information and creepypasta anthology blog. It is written by YpsiFang.



  • Addendum 02-01 "Interview with Subject 03-5943": Introduced Subject 03-5943 and The Eyes of God.
  • Addendum 08-01 "Sent by author to 01 for analysis": The first appearance of The Grey Gentleman in a story.
  • Addendum 14-01 "Charred journal".


Both divisions use a different naming convention: East's reference literature, while West's reference mythology and legend. They use a universal system when communicating cross-division or referring to subjects in documents.

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